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Provide open access to areas that need to be checked

Make sure that the home inspector has easy access throughout the property. If they can’t get to an area, they can’t inspect it, and that will be a red flag for buyers. Clear away any clutter impeding access to areas or systems that the inspector needs to take a look at, including:









Turn all pilot lights on

The pilot light in your water heater is probably always on (and you would have noticed already if it wasn’t), but what about the pilot light in your gas fireplace? Many homeowners turn their fireplace off in warmer months, so it’s important to double check that the pilot light – and the fireplace itself – is working prior to inspection. If you’ve turned off your fireplace’s pilot light, now is the time to get it going again.

Don’t Turn Off The Utilities

Leave Remotes and Keys
Empty the Oven, Washer, and Dryer
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