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Home Insurance Inspection

Have you been informed by your insurance company that you need a home inspection in order to receive new coverage or because of damage that occurred to your home or property?  


Insurance companies are now, more than ever, requiring a home inspection in order to underwrite a new policy or process a claim for damage.

In either case, insurance companies typically state that a “professional home inspection report” is produced by a licensed home inspector.  

Insurance Inspections for Damage in Edmonton AB

If you have been informed by your insurance company that you are required to have a home inspector document damage to your roof, siding, foundation or structure then we can help. 


Home insurers are commonly requiring that homeowners have a licensed home inspector produce a “professional home inspection report” detailing the damaged area.  If you are in this situation, we can help.


We utilize the same professional report format that we use when we perform whole-house inspections for buyers and sellers of real estate, but our fee is adjusted to better fit with the smaller focus area.


The problematic or damaged area of your home will be documented with photos and easy-to-read language, and any adjacent areas will be investigated for damage.  If moisture is suspected as a contributing factor, we will investigate and find the source, and then document our findings.  


Our report includes a Repair Request Builder, which allows to you choose items for repair, and create a punch list of problems for your contractor to repair, or for you to provide to your insurance company.

Pre-listing Home Inspection
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